What to Share with Your Hair Stylist Before Application of Hair Color

Give the right information about your hair to the hair stylist when go for hair styling at the first time. Below gives some important points to be shared with the stylist before go for hair colouring or other styles.

Hair History


Inform about your hair history before styling and is the most important point. What already on your hair will determine your new hair colour and its health.

Your hair expert must know…

  • Is there already colour in your hair?
    • If the answer is yes, when did last colour service?
  • Have you colour for your hair at a salon or anywhere?
    • If yes, try to inform which type of colour used
  • Have you colour your hair by yourself at home?
    • If yes, was it a box colour & which box colour used for that?
    • There are box colours having metallic dyes causing chemical reactions in future hair styling. The result of such reactions cannot be predicted.
  • Have you been shower using water from well?
    • Hard water can affect overall look/feel of the hair as it cause a build-up of minerals and so you may need a hair clearing treatment before do a colour service.
    • Hard water causes hair colour to fade faster as they are harsh on fresh colour. Always remember to ask your hair specialist for recommended hair products to maintain and protect your hair colour.
  • Do you have done any other chemical services on your hair?
    • Several other chemicals like relaxers, perms or keratin treatments have a chance to affect the current health/state of your hair that could affect the rate at which hair colour is absorbed &  that will determine whether your hair is healthy enough for an additional chemical treatment or not.



  • What type of hair products have you been using for your hair?
    • Any hair stylist can guarantee the hair colour service only if you use the recommended hair colour products like colour safe shampoo an hair conditioner.
  • What types of tools do you use?
    • If the customer is using large amount of heat/hot tools without proper protection to the hair, there will be more damage will cause to the hair.


  • If you have never done a hair colour before or if you are new to hair colouring don’t forget to inform your specialist about any known allergies.
  • Some colour products contains ingredients like beeswax, so if you are very sensitive to bees, you should do a test prior to hair colouring to make sure that they will never make a reaction to you.
  • The best thing for your hair stylist who is more concerned about the state of their customers’ hair, can do a strand test (with a piece of hair and colour on it) and/or a patch test on your skin to ensure that you do not react to the colour prior to application of colour.

IN this way by being open with your hair stylist about the history of your hair, it is the best way to get desired results from your hair colouring service. Plus, you are strongly encouraged to bring photos to show the colour you want. Follow these simple points to get good looking and feeling beautiful!


Natural Herbal Hair Products And Good Eating Habits For Healthy Hair


Ayurveda is a treatment accepted all over the world by people of all ages to cure health problems as well as improving health condition. The main reason for accepting Ayurveda in hair treatments is its ability to give good hair color, hair growth and its effectiveness against dandruff control without any side effect or health problem. In nature thousands of herbal plants are available without knowing the herbal effectiveness of those plants. Many ancient people had the knowledge about the use of herbal hair products obtained from nature.

Hair is an important part of human body as a beauty element for women and men. Application unhealthy chemicals can severely affect it in the form of hair fall or other types of hair problems. So to have a healthy hair in all ages try to use natural hair products from an expert hair specialist.


Today in a modern lifestyle and culture people are unaware about healthy eating for a healthy hair. They don’t care about the wrong eating habits they follow can affect not only their body health but also hair growth and it can reflect in many forms. Good eating habits helps to get hair get nutrition from inside the body which can be more effective and last long. All herbal hair specialists suggest good eating habits for their patients like intake of pure water. To get the full result from natural hair therapy you must have a good eating habit throught your life.

Sometimes many people loss their healthy hair by the use of water containing chlorine and such chemical particles. In such case to protect hair use herbal amla, henna shampoo and natural hair oils from natural herbs regularly. Visiting a hair clinic regularly at least once in a month helps to give more care for your hair. In natural hair treatment and procedures the root of the hair is making strong so as to have strong prevention from hair loss.