How to keep your skin glowing during the hard Winter Months?

It is the time of the year again that everyone should reassess their skincare routine to allow for the season’s drying effect. Dry, flaky skin can make your complexion look very dull.Winter Skin Care

Dry skin is a common condition and is often worse during the winter, when environmental humidity is very low. There is less moisture in the air and what natural oil you do have in your skin can be blown away by the wind. Once you get inside your home, office or store, central heating play havoc with your skin, causing it to dry more.

Dry Skin

Our skin feels much tighter in cold weather. But if you have a sensitive skin, the dryness will lead to flaking and itching. If the barrier level is damaged, you are much more likely to develop inflammation and bring on eczema. It’s very important to hydrate the skin with the right type of cream. The confusion here arises again regarding the selection of right cream for the winter weather.Dry skin in winter

Choosing the Right Winter Cream

Most skin creams available in the market contain two types of ingredients: firstly, humectants such as glycerine or hyaluronic acid, which draw water into the top layers from the layers of tissue below. This helps give a plumper look. Secondly they contain occlusives, which are an oily layer that aims to block moisture loss. These are fatty things such as beeswax, lecithin, petroleum and paraffin.

Most creams contain some preserving factor. In winter, this can cause problems particularly to delicate areas such as the fine skin around the eye. Think of when you go Winter Skin Care Creamskiing, and you apply sunscreen to skin that is red or sore from the wind. Often it stings – this is the preservative irritating the skin. But, if you have ever looked at the natural side, there are creams made out of natural ingredients which do not contain any harmful skin irritants.

Applying Ayurveda Principle for Skin Care

The Skin Care Cream called “Vanishing Cream” from Neeta’s Herbal can act as an excellent moisturiser for your skin during hard winter months. The Vanishing Cream contains natural extracts from Dates. Daily usage of the cream would promote a radiant looking skin.

It is not just what you use but how you use it that can make a difference to the health of your skin. Moisturising is essential during winter. They act as a sealant to stop the skin’s natural moisture evaporating away.vanishing cream

Top Tip to Applying Moisturising Cream

  • The best time to apply moisturiser-Vanishing Cream is after a bath or shower while your skin is still moist, and again at bedtime.
  • Take warm, rather than hot, showers. Water that is too hot makes skin feel more dry and itchy.