Turmeric, the “Wonder Spice”and Skin Care

^34F482AB85BF0A8504D76BF5220939B8284EE0F6D6198F200C^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrTurmeric is of India origin belonging to the family of ginger and is a widely used spice in Indian cuisine. Its botanical name is Curcuma longa and apart from its extensive culinary applications, turmeric also has lots of proven medicinal applications.Curcumin, the main chemical compound found in turmeric is a good natural detoxifier and is even proven effective in the treatment of cancer. The anti-inflammatory, antibacterial andantiseptic properties of turmeric also make it one of the most beneficial herbs in beauty care. Following are some major cosmetic uses of turmeric.


The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of turmeric make it effectively fight pimples and other skin breakouts. Turmeric facials reduce oil secretion and remove acne scars.  For best results, use turmeric in a face pack with sandalwood and lemon juice. Wash the face pack off with warm water after ten minutes.

Oily Skin

Sebaceous glands on the skin produce a waxy matter called sebum, the excess of which leads to oily skin. Turmeric regulates the production of sebum and gives you glowing, flawless skin. For ideal results against oily skin, mix turmeric and sandalwood powder with orange juice, apply for 15 minutes and cleanse with warm water.


Turmeric is a good exfoliating agent, making it effective in moderating wrinkles and making the skin look brighter and younger. Turmeric also alleviates stretch marks and delays signs of ageing. To get rid of wrinkles, dark circles and fine lines, use turmeric powder, rice powder and milk mixed with tomato juice and apply on the face and neck. Wash off in lukewarm water after 30 minutes.


Turmeric eliminates skin pigmentation and tanning. For fast recovery, areas of tanning or pigmentation may be regularly applied with turmeric powder mixed with cucumber juice for 30 minutes and rinsed off with water.

Cracked Heels

The excellent healing property of turmeric makes it very useful in softening cracked heels. Make a paste from turmeric powder, mixing it with coconut oil, apply to cracked heels and leave for 15 minutes before washing off. Regular administration of turmeric in this manner will show results within a few days.

Facial Hair

Turmeric also is a natural hair remover. Prepare a facial scrub with turmeric powder and gram flour and use regularly for four weeks to significantly inhibit facial hair growth.


Owing to its antiseptic properties, turmeric is effective in soothing burns. Next time you get a minor burn from the kitchen, mix turmeric powder and some aloe vera gel and apply on the burn for faster recovery. You will also see that the burn does not leave undesirable marks.

These are only a few of the many applications of this wonderful herb in beauty care. Turmeric even help stimulate cell growth and the antioxidants contained in turmeric helps retain the elasticity of the skin. This natural antiseptic is effectively used in the treatment of skin disorders such as Eczema and poison ivy. Much like its effect on cracked heels, turmeric works wonders for chapped lips as well. Turmeric also has the ability to remove dead cells from the skin, giving you brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin.


Four Major Herbs Used in Hair Care


The popularity of Ayurvedic herbal hair care products among women all over the world is growing day by day. The main reason for the popularity of herbal shampoos and conditioners is that they have no side effects or after effects on the hair or skin. The ingredients of these herbal hair care products are the seeds, roots, leaves and flowers of medicinal plants and they do not contain any synthetic chemicals.Some of the major herbs used for hair care products are;

  • Amla
  • Henna
  • Jatamansi
  • Bhringraj

Shampoos and conditioners made with these herbs protect hair from dandruff, hair fall, split ends etc. and boost hair growth. These herbal products are ideal for both oily hair and dry hair and they give a natural shine and fragrance to the hair. They strengthen the roots of the hairand even women who are sensitive to certain hair care products can also benefit from them as they basically have no side effects.

Let us now get to know the four major herbs mentioned earlier. Virtually every genuine hair care products contains one or more of these magical herbs.


Also known as wonder berry or Indian gooseberry, Amla gets its name from the Sanskrit word “Amlaki”, which means “fruit from heaven”. The biological name for Amla is Phyllanthus emblica.Amla is proved to be the most hair nourishing herb and it is also observed that drinking amla juice daily effectively reduces hair greying. Amla juice mixed with coconut oil is a good anti-dandruff concoction. One of the richest sources of Vitamin C, Amla contains trillions of nutrients, which is a rare occurrence in a single fruit or vegetable. Along with a high concentration of minerals and amino acids, Amla contains many antioxidants, such as phyllantidine, kaempferol, emblicanin, quercetin, phyllantine, ellagic acid and gallic acid.


The botanical name for Henna is Lawsonia inermis and is not merely a natural colouring agent as widely known. It has excellent properties to accelerate hair growth and prevent dandruff and it also acts as a natural conditioner. Colouring hair with henna is also a popular solution to grey hair. Henna effectively maintains the acid-alkaline balance of the hair and gives a cooling effect to the scalp. The juice of henna plant when applied on the scalp, even provides quick relief from headaches.


Known to botanists with the binomial name Nardostachys jatamansi, this endangered medical herb is a flowering plant belonging to the honeysuckle family. Jatamansi extract is highly beneficial for hair growth and imparts black colour to the hair and controls greying. It prevents hair loss and gives silky, smooth hair. Application of Jatamansi even gives good sleep and prevents many sleep disorders.


Also known as false daisy, Bhringraj belongs to the sunflower family and goes by the botanical name Eclipta prostrata. This wonder herb, when used in hair oils, stimulates hair growth and commendably prevents hair fall and split ends. Bhringraj is also effective in controlling premature greying, baldness and even alopecia. In short, it is a solution for all hair related issues.