Misconceptions About Hair

misconception about hair

Hair is definitely one of the main beauty concerns of women since time immemorial. Studies show that women spent an average of 40 minutes a day on maintaining hair. It is also estimated that British women spend about an average of £40,000 on hair care products in their lifetime, which makes up about 30% spent on all cosmetics. Though it is an endeavor that claims so much time and money, only a small percentage of women opt for the convenient pixie cut or boyish cut. Since it is of so much importance to most women, let me clarify some common misconceptions about hair and hair care.

Chemical Treatments

Many moms and grand moms tell their girls that treatments like perming, smoothening and rebonding can cause severe hair fall. This is not at all true. Chemical treatments influence only the quality of hair, not quantity. You only need to make sure not to use an overdose of chemicals, as it may cause hair shaft breaking. Also, it is not a good idea to go for these treatments frequently. The recommended interval between treatments is 12 to 16 weeks. Needless to say, use only quality chemicals from reputed companies.

Dead Follicles

Another misconception which many dubious companies use to their advantage is that hair growth can be restored to dead hair follicles using certain special oils. Don’t be tempted with such claims as once hair folliclesare dead, they are substituted with tissues and no treatment can revitalise them. But certain treatments like Laser therapy are found to be effective in improving hair growth from live follicles. But as far as dead follicles are concerned, the only currently available remedy is hair transplant.


Many women believe that hair loss is genetic. This is also a misleading information. Hair growth, or the lack of it, is polygenetic, meaning it is governed by genetic traits including your immediate and far relatives. This also means you are likely to have serious hair fall if several persons in your family have this deficiency.

Shaving and Trimming

I have heard some men advice their girlfriends/wives that shaving their head or cutting hair short, improves subsequent hair growth. You need to know that hair is made up of dead tissues and no matter what you do, it won’t make any difference in its growth. Growth of hair happens in the root, which is inside the skin. But the thickness of hair is greater at the base and this is why hair feels thicker following a haircut.


Many women consider frequent washing of hair causes hair fall and keep shampooing to a maximum of once a week or so. This is totally absurd. Try to wash your hair daily, if possible, since it is actually good to keep your hair and scalp clean.


Perhaps the most widespread misconception women have regarding hair care is that wearing helmets is very unhealthy for hair. They proclaim that healthy hair requires “breathing” and the lack of oxygen will cause severe hair fall, resulting in baldness. It is true that hair growth requires oxygen but they get it through the blood stream, not air. Moreover, if this argument was true, most of the women would not have any pubic hair left, as they’re always enclosed in tight under garments!