Ayurveda Tips – What is the secret about pomegranate?


I’ll never forget my first experience with pomegranate. I did not know what I should do with it. I just started pushing and pressing. Immediately after I started to streamline these precious seeds in my mouth, my thirst was stopped and felt a boost of energy. My shirt and pants are not so lucky, however.

Lesson learned: Take my time, use the method of water to extract the seeds and sit down in a comfortable position before taking it.

Yes, the pomegranate was a shrub when I planted it. It was only 1 foot high. Now I’m blessed with a lot of eating pomegranates which are really juicy and nutritious too. You know what; I’m so fond of pomegranates that I would buy it directly from farmers when there is not even a single one for my tongue to taste.

What are the advantages of pomegranate?

They are sweet, astringent, bitter and do wonders for any cooling off aggravated mucus in our body. That is considered to be the greatest benefit we get out of it. They can also soothe inflammation in the digestive tract, relieve diarrhea, loose motions and act as an antiemetic so it can be really helpful for those who find it hard with morning sickness. It can even stop bleeding, help with anemia, reduces fever, and can be used as a cardio tonic, a brain tonic and aphrodisiac. The astringent is not very tasty but it is a strong medicine for dysentery, to stop traveler’s diarrhea, and to get rid of parasites. Because of things such as high vitamin C and tannins, this fruit is also known for its ability to slow the aging process, prevent heart disease and even cancer! Pomegranate is an excellent general tonic that will help during the times you are feeling very low.

Besides eating them to buy all the seeds, you can really benefit from powder or juice, which is sold in stores. The juice is better, at room temperature and not cold.