Aloevera – The most effective herbal product

Aloevera benefits

The entire world was introduced to the amazing healing properties of Aloevera, when a clay tablet dated 2100 BC was discovered in Mesopotamia. In India Aloevera has been used in various herbal skin treatments. The easiest herbal skin treatment to use is to apply the aloevera extract on the skin area which is suffering from burns and even fungal infections.  Within a matter of few second after application you would enjoy the soothing sensation, as the magical extract starts working on your skin. One of the most common applications of the aloevera extract is its use in facial packs. In case you want to know enjoy beautiful glowing skin do read the article below.

As a natural scrub for normal skin

Very few people are blessed with a normal skin. Thus you need to take care of it on a regular basis and prevent it from becoming dry. One of the best ways to keep your normal skin moisturized at all times of the day, is by starting the day with a natural scrub made from aloevera gel extract, half a tablespoon of gram flour and powder of orange peel. A tablespoon of curd can be added to make the scrub rich in texture. Once the ingredients have been mixed in well, slowly add them over your face. The mixture is left to dry for 30 minutes and then washed over thoroughly with cool fresh water. Dry your face with a soft clean towel .You would be astonished at the beautiful glowing skin smiling back to you.

Helps in removing excess oil from your face

Most women suffer from oily skin and this leads to frequent acne eruptions. A simple herbal skin treatment which can be used here is to make a fine paste of aloevera leaves and a single tablespoon of honey should be added to this herbal paste. Then the aloevera leaf paste should be applied on the face evenly and left for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes it should be washed away using clean cold water.

Rejuvenates dry skin

If you have dry skin then your skin would feel stretched and flaky. A great way to moisturize your dry skin is to add aloevera gel into a small portion of olive oil. Once a smooth paste has been made using these two basic ingredients, you can apply the paste generously on your face and other body parts. After a few minutes the paste can be washed off from the applied area. A regular application of this paste would help you to enjoy a smooth healthy skin very soon.

Soothes your sensitive skin

When aloevera gel is mixed with ingredients like curd and cucumber juice, you can treat sensitive skin conditions effectively. To make this gel paste more potent you can a few drops of rose water also. Once the paste is ready, apply it over your neck and face area. Wait for 15 minutes and then gently wash it in away using cool water.

If you cannot get pure aloevera gel you can use various herbal products which are made from aloevera extracts.  These products would help you enjoy a silky smooth skin soon and make you beautiful like never before.