Hair care Tips In Every Day Life

hair care tipsHair is essential part of of male and female human body. Hair is subjected to pollution, excessive heat and causes dryness as a result so many women complaint of hair dryness which also causes splitting of the hair ends. Some other causes are also leads to split ends of the hair. They includes

  • Excessive washing of hair
  • Over use of curlers and strengtheners for hair styling
  • Exposing to heat, dust, pollution, mechanical stress etc.
  • Hot water washing
  • Use of low quality combs, pins, headbands and more
  • Lack of cutting and trimming for hair maintenance
  • Use of chemical hair products
  • Lack of oiling the hair
  • Exposure of hair to hard water containing chlorine

How To Prevent Split Hair Ends

  • Not brush your hair while wet.
  • Stay away from excessive use of hair stylers.
  • Stop usage of chemical cosmetic products.
  • Trim hair regularly.
  • Use hair brushes with nylon bristles.
  • Condition Hair at least thrice
  • Never rinse hair using hot water
  •  Use wide toothed comb while detangle hair.
  • Oiling the hair to retain moisture
  • Drink natural water.

Buy natural hair products


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