Healthy Home Hair Care Remdies

natural hair care remedies

If you have enough time to spend for your hair with patience a healthy hair can be created from home itself. Variety of natural hair care remedies from home are there.

Egg yolk

Egg yolk massage mixed with olive oil and Vitamins E drops provide healthy hair. Maintain this upto 10 minutes on hair before washing by rinsing using shampoo.

Banana contains potassium which maintains natural hair elasticity. Apply banana mixture to root tip and keep 15 Minutes before wash. Repeat this everyday cure dryness of hair.

Oil massage
According to Indian beauty concept applying natural coconut oil to the scalp helps for medication and creates healthy hair. Apply lime juice after one hour mixed in vinegar keeps dandruff away from your hair.

Beer treatment
Many people believe that beer can return the shininess of the hair by spraying beer to hair before washing using shampoo and dry using a towel.

Olive oil
Olive oil massage into hair scalp for 30 minutes and rinsing is best hair care remedy for you. To get good benefit from it do this procedure overnight to gets additional result. This makes hair strengthen by preventing hair loss.

Therapy using baking Soda

Wash hair using shampoo and rinse hair using a mixture of 3 tbsp baking soda and water. Keep it 5 minutes before last rinse. This procedure helps to remove shampoo and styling products fully from your hair.

Self Made Conditioner

Rub your scalp using mix of egg and yogurt. Wash completely this after10 minutes

Amla powder and lime juice Mix

To grow hair strongly apply mixture of amla powder and lemon juice mix and it will provide a better feeling for hair. To make this add 1 tbsp. amla powder and lemon juice made from one lemon and shake it. Massage this to hair roots and scalp. If you keep 20 minutes prior to rinsing and shampoo washing.


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