How To Treat Hair Loss Naturally

    hair loss treatment
         Hair gives you a distinct look. For achieving this, we are spending so much of money, time and efforts to treat our hair. Majority of both men and women are the victims of hair loss. The common causes of hair thinning includes nutritional deficiencies, stress, hormonal imbalances, genetics, insufficient blood circulations, use of heating tools and various other reasons. If you are worried about hair loss, there are various natural remedies for hair loss. These natural remedies help you to have a better volume of hair without spending lots of money and time.
The sulphur content boosts the production of collagen tissues, which helps your hair to grow. Both garlic and onion are rich in sulphur content. Apply the onion juice to your scalp for 15 minutes to one hour and then wash gently your hair with mild shampoo and water.  Alternatively, crush four to six garlic cloves and mix with coconut oil. Boil the oil for few minutes and let it to be cool and then massage your scalp by using this oil. Apply two to three times a week for getting maximum result.
                Vitamin C is one of the most effective nutrients to strengthen and thickening your hair. Amla is a better source vitamin C and rich in antioxidants. Mix the amla juice with the same quantity of fresh lime juice, apply the mix to the scalp and leave on until dry. Then wash your hair with gentle warm water. Regular using this help to decrease the hair loss and to increase the hair re-growth.
                The nutritional elements like iron, zinc, sulphur, iodine, phosphorous and selenium are essential for the growth of hair. The egg is rich in all these nutritional elements, especially the white part of the egg. Apply the white of one or two egg in to the scalp and massage well. Then wash your hair after 20 minutes to one hour with mild shampoo and water.  For better hair, use one of the remedies regularly.

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