Hair Loss And Treatment In Ayurvedha

Image   Hair has important role in determining ones beauty quotient. At the same time to keep hair healthier it requires some extra care everyone should do. Ayurveda is a choice for those who are seeking natural and effective ways of herbal hair loss treatments. According to Ayurveda doshas in the body are the causes of every diseases. Nearly 40 per cent of women by the age of 60 experience some form of hair loss. Ayurveda suggests balanced nutrition in diet, proper sleep, stress management as anxiety or stress can bring hair diseases like hair fall, thinness, etc. Ayurvedic herbal hair treatments can resist these problems.

Herbs preventing hair loss and increases hair growth

Saw Palmetto

Ayurvedic herbs include Aloe Vera, Amla, Henna, Lavender, etc. They enrich your natural hair color, removes dandruff, stimulates hair growth and also lighten it. Massaging hair roots with ayurvedic hair oils improve blood flow to head and nourish roots. The effect of hair massages depends on the hair oil and the way massaged. Make sure to touch the root of the hair while massaging. Herbal treatments has no side effects as it is natural products are used for treatments. But an allergic reaction may happen to some herbs.

Nowadays a range of herbal hair products are available in all countries commercially.


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